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We are “The Hostel” Online home for the hostellers who search for Hostel Rooms and P.G. Finally a place where you can choose and design room according to your convenience. We are smart, professional and unique solutions for the hostels and rooms for the customers.


We believe that we are on that face of the country where just to provide hostels and rooms is not a complete solution. We are constantly focusing on customer demand for their convenience and independency to choose their rooms and if not satisfied are free to give their review and ratings to any hostel overall the country. Our vision is to provide a complete solution for the hostels by giving an online platform where every student can find their room according to their convenience and affordability. They can even give their review and ratings to the hostels and the rooms so that it would be easy for other customers to choose their preference.

 “A message from the founder’s desk”

Welcome, on behalf of our great team, I would like to welcome you to “The Hostel- A complete solution for the hostels and rooms”. We are always at your service, work with passion and dedication to offer you best hostels.

Well I spend a lot of time thinking that how “The hostel” can best serve the community and what uniqueness we have to offer our customers.

We majorly have the moto to focus on the problems that a customer gets while choosing hostel or the rooms to live for a year or more and providing an online home where anyone and everyone can choose their rooms and hostels accordingly in regarding to their convenience and affordability; they even can give their reviews and ratings to any hostels or rooms overall the country. This helps the customers to get themselves a perfect place to live which could be designed by themselves. One of our favorite part is that here the customers will have the opportunity to design their room according to their choice with their terms and conditions at a affordable price.

I strongly believe that “Hostels are the second home for the students; a good environment of the hostels (which includes food, cleanliness and the partner) decides the further going life of the student. I believe that every student should have the freedom to design and decorate their room as per their wish because this gives them a positive energy and helps them to live like as they live in their home.”

Thanks for visiting us; be innovative and just go for it.

I send you all my best wishes on your new journey.


Chandan Tiwari

Founder “The Hostel”

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